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Cute Makeup Brush Holders

Don’t forget to keep your application tools clean and organized. When it comes to your brushes, keeping them in order for complete visibility and ease of access is top priority.


Using cute makeup brush holders will not only be extremely convenient, and improve your makeup application time, it will enhance the look of your vanity desk, or beauty area. Be showered with feelings of blissfulness and spark some creative ideas every time you reach for a brush.

A pencil Organizer – Small Eye-makeup Brush Holder

I found this super cute pencil holder at Walmart. I literally just thought of this while sitting at my home office desk, and happened to look at my pencil holder. The dividers inside make it fun and easy to organize all the small brushes. Looking at it right this moment, I have a couple pens, some lip liners, and pencils.


Big Brushes in Tin Planters – Room for all the fluffiness

The painted metal planters are great to hold those big fluffy brushes. The design on the these planters resembles lace. I feel this adds a touch of elegance to your vanity area. Getting a few of these and spray painting them different colors is a really neat idea for these as well.


Face Makeup Blending Sponge Holder

This sassy makeup sponge holder definitely caught my eye while I was browsing online.It comes with enough spaces to store several blender sponges. This acrylic holder displays the sponges very nicely. It is a nice way to have your makeup sponges in the open air, while looking cute and organized. Get your own on amazon.com. They are on sale now!

Zahra Beauty Brush Holder Penthouse

SUPER CUTE. According to Amazon, this design is actually patent-pending. It holds around 8-10 brushes. It really does look like a little penthouse for makeup brushes. The little house shaped design is quite perfect. A shining jewel on the top; and at the bottom, space to add in your own marbles, diamonds, seashells, or any other filler stones.

This one is definitely worth mentioning. Good job Zahra! Thank you for this eye-catching, unique idea. Click here to get your own Zahra makeup brush holder penthouse quickly and easily on Amazon.

I believe Walmart carries them as well.


Final Thoughts…

Writing about these ideas inspires me to think of more ideas to organize and store my makeup and beauty products. I hope this post inspires you too. Please let me know in the comments if you have used any of these ideas and what you think of them.

Your questions and comments are greatly appreciated.

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