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Lipstick Organizer – It Is TIME To Get One

Current lipstick situation... 

 Uh um, sad.

It’s never a better time than NOW to get on organizing. Right now, I need a good lipstick organizer for myself. I have so many lipsticks and no actual designated home for them. I feel the ideal one fulfills each of the following items:

  • individual slots for each lip product
  • easy to locate what I am looking for
  • easy to access all the products it holds
  • an artistic edge in the design – must be visually appealing to me personally (apply this thinking to yourself as well when shopping)


I have listed the top 5 products I found that interest me the most, below. My ultimate goal for this post is to find the best one!

Alegory Acrylic Lipstick Makeup Organizer

This one immediately stood out to me. It has an interesting edgy design which I find very appealing to look at. The diamond shapes are truly speaking to my taste for symmetry. I wouldn’t mind looking at this everyday on my bathroom counter.  Yes, I’m intrigued.

Reasons to get this one:

  • It holds 28 standard size lipsticks, about 4 inches tall
  • Made of Crystalline acrylic
  • Stand it up or lay it flat
  • Beautiful showcase for lipsticks

Reasons to keep exploring:

  • Only holds one specific size lipstick
  • 28 slots may not be sufficient for me



Rotating – Round’ and Round’ We Go, weeeh!

What’s more fun than a spinning lipstick tower. This style was attractive to me because it stands beautifully on it’s own. The rotating functionality is very convenient and definitely fits the bill for accessing the lipsticks. I am choosing the Zahra Beauty Spinning Lipstick Tower as my product of choice. But there are many different brands for this option. This one holds quite a lot so that’s why I am choosing it.

Reasons to get this one:

  • It has 81 lipstick slots
  • Rotates for ease of access
  • Clean color scheme, clear and white
  • Interesting and pretty to look at


Reason to keep exploring:

  • Holds standard size lipsticks


“Stadium Seating” – Clear Acrylic Lipstick Stand

A classic way to display a nice variety of lip products. A crisp clear acrylic display stand. Holding the lipsticks in rows each one slightly above the other, for optimal viewing practicality.  I am liking this Gospire 40 Space Lipstick Holder. This style is also quite popular with many brands. So I chose this one mainly for the capacity.


Reasons to get this one:

  • Holds 40 lipsticks of all sizes
  • The Stadium-style display
  • High quality acrylic
  • Visually appealing

Reason to keep exploring:

  • Design is not super unique


Vintage Style

Yes I’ll take one of those, please! OMG, how gorgeous is this  Pu Two vintage, handmade, lipstick organizer. I have to say this one takes the cake on the design front. Being a fan of all the “fancy” things in life, this one is certainly calling my name.

“Oly…Buy me!…I will store all your lipsticks…”

Reasons to get this one:

  • It has 24 slots
  • Fits multiple size lipsticks, lip liners, and lip gloss
  • Exceptional, elegant design
  • Made with dust-free glass
  • Easy to clean

Reasons to keep exploring:

  • May be fragile since it’s made out of glass


I really fell in love with this one. I this style idea is phenomenal.

Stay tuned for the future post on my favorite VINTAGE MAKEUP ORGANIZER.

Which One Do YOU Like Best?


Boy, these are all so cute I want to try them all! I may end up trying them all eventually. But for now, I have some good options to think about. I consider this a great starting point. Please let me know which of these you like best. I always appreciate your thoughts and comments.


Remember, dear souls:

All your ideas are IMPORTANT. Write them down!





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