On The Go,  The Perfect Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer For the Car


If you do your makeup in the car (hopefully not while you are driving), this is for you

Those lovely moments when you’re in the car and have a sudden need for something small like some lip balm or your eyebrow spoolie…You start reaching in and under the seat, getting your fingers (or hands) stuck in the weirdest places… Sound familiar?

Or, you just love being organized in every environment you frequent.

There is a solution! 

Doing makeup in the car, often or not that often. We all end up doing it at some point. Either way, keeping your car neat and organized is not only a nice thing to do, it is quite IMPORTANT.

Why it’s important exactly? Your safety.

Having a few products like chapstick, lipstick or mascara easily and quickly accessible to you will certainly enhance your daily driving life, it CAN save your life! 

Something easier to look through than a small cosmetic zippered bag you may keep in your purse. Knowing exactly where it is so you can just reach and grab what it is you need. 

Stop the Mess!

Since this will be stored in your car, primarily, we need to consider the type of environment this is. It is a MOBILE environment.

So, the organizer needs to be able to hold the products in place while the car is moving (turning, breaking, etc). For example, when you take a sharp turn or break hastily, items in your car may shift around quickly. We want to find a product that can accommodate this. Depending on how much makeup or other items you plan to store, a car organizer with a closing lid feature would be quite useful.

Think: FAST, EASY, and NEAT – F.E.N

It’s the little things that count, right?

Let’s start out at the small end of the spectrum. 

A Car Pocket

Click here to view the car organizer


It’s intended to hold your cellphone at arms reach, but it’s the perfect car accessory to hold whatever you want. I see myself using it for all the little items I need at a moments notice like chapstick, bobby-pins or elastics. Also known as, those items that tend to randomly disappear. This nifty little “car pocket” can really make a big difference. It also is very easy to clip on and off. 



Items on hand I found useful:

  • A pencil box the kids aren’t using anymore

It opens and stays closed easily. The plastic it’s made of is opaque, so not fully transparent. But it does the job.


  • An acrylic compartmentalized board

Such as the GLAMboard.

I am definitely not saying you absolutely need to go and get a sixty dollar acrylic organizer tray. This is the one I found while I was shopping on the GLAMboxes website for this other awesome makeup organizer I was looking for.

This one in the instructional video can be found on the GLAMboxes online store if you are interested. However, any compartmentalized plastic or acrylic board will do just fine. You could even use a utensil holder.

  • A utensil holder

This is very fun and easy. It’s basically a flat tray with built in compartments. The convenience of the compartments being there, is what puts this item in my top 5 most convenient.

Checking around Target or a TJ Maxx Home Goods store are good stores to start looking. IKEA may have some interesting things. I may go for a visit soon.


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Thank you so much for reading. I love and welcome any questions and suggestions you have on organizing your cosmetic products. Let me know what’s on your mind.

Sending love to all!

“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.”

George Bernard Shaw



  • Andy

    I know all about people doing makeup in the car. My wife often does it when I’m taking her to work! I have to go round corners at 2mph so she doesn’t drop anything or heaven for bid put it on her face in the wrong place.

    Then when she is done she will put her head up and remark how long the journey is taking. . Anyway I think I will point her to this article, thank you.

    • Olympia

      Hi Andy,

      The story about you and your wife is very amusing!
      That’s life in a universe with a sense of humor.

      I certainly do hope this article can you both!
      Feel free to ask me questions any time.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Sujandar Mahesan

    These make up organizing ideas for car are really useful and helpful. I personally like the car pocket idea, which can save a lot of mess and also can be easily accessible for anyone who is using it. It will also look neat inside the car. The price is really cheaper than I thought.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    • admin

      Hi Sujandar, 

      Thanks for reading. Yes, keeping the car neat is so important. I have been trying out an organizer for the back seat, and I am really enjoying its convenience. I am working on a review to share which will include all the great features and details. I’m glad you enjoyed the read, and were able to take something from it. 



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