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Professional Makeup Train Case – Why We Should ALL Get One

Being a professional makeup artist demands quality tools. This quality is measured by the product’s durability, versatility, visual appeal and overall performance. Let’s get down to why we should all have a train case in our makeup arsenal. Some of you might be picturing a large rectangular rolling box type-thing. Well, essentially, that is not wrong. BUT, that is definitely not all it is.

Read the facts below to learn about the wonders having your own professional makeup train case will do for your world. Being able to store tons of makeup and other beauty tools all in one neat package. AWESOME!


Examinons (Let’s Examine)

Let’s have a look at our product of interest. The distinctive features of the makeup train case are:

  • SIZE
  • SHAPE – Rectangular
  • MATERIAL – ALUMINUM FRAME, STEEL CORNERS, ABS or plastic surface (hard shell); or NYLON (soft shell)

The exact dimensions will vary.

An example of a good size train case would be approximately 13.5 inches in Length x 10 inches in Width x 30 inches in Height.

The ideal train case will have 3 or 4 detachable smaller train cases. This style is called either 3-in1 or 4-in-1. Anything less than 3 is not adequate. Each of the “smaller” cases is made up of sub-compartments within it. Having multiple compartments allows for optimal organization.

The hard case is made of ABS plastic, an aluminum frame, and reinforced steel corners to provide maximum protection for your makeup.


Wheels, or No Wheels? – A Smooth Ride


Yes, please. That’s a solid YES. Wheels, for sure, are a good item to have on that “final approval” checklist of yours. They bring an excellent level of convenience you will feel during transportation, and just getting around from one place to another. The trolley style train case is the one to get.


“Fits Everything But the Kitchen Sink” – The Big One


As my research brought me to find the 4-in-1 rolling makeup trolley. It has 4 pieces in 1 compact, stylish, rolling storage wonder.

This large train case will definitely fit all the things you need for your next job. It is a great option for freelance artists. It can store a great deal all while being easy to transport with its smooth swivel wheels. It has multiple compartments, which allows for easy product access and organization.


Aluminum isn’t the only option

These also come in a soft outer shell material, NYLON. A heavy duty, water-resistant type of nylon is used. These are similar to the conventional travel luggage. However, they offer the same amount of storage compartments, and protection for traveling. So, if you’re not feeling the hard shell case, the soft shell train case is one to check out.


Quality ALWAYS Over Quantity

Do yourself a huge favor and opt for the higher quality product, instead of looking for the least costly option in the size range you are looking for. If a product looks great and the price is jaw dropping, dirt cheap, there is a reason the company or brand making it is able to sell it at such a low cost.

Bottom Line is…

Whether you are a makeup professional, or a beauty connoisseur, feeling happy and confident about your purchase is the ultimate goal. Trust your gut when judging the quality. If you are on a website that shows customer reviews, DEFINITELY read them!

The best way to find out how awesome and NECESSARY these are is to go for it, and get one. This will be a purchase you will never regret. It should last you, oh I don’t know, around forever. The days of wasting precious minutes of your time, looking for a box of adhesive rhinestones you just thought about, will be over.

I am in the process of researching the “Perfect” makeup train case to order for myself.

Yes, I absolutely will be reviewing it here on my website.

I will be recommending some other products soon. So, stay tuned for future posts on highly recommended makeup storage and organizer ideas.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of this post by commenting below.


Quote of the Day

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

Pablo Picasso

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash



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