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The BEST Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer – GLAMpetite Makeup Box Review 2018

Today I just ordered my first GLAMbox makeup organizer. It is a beautiful acrylic makeup box. I have been wanting to get one for quite some time. It is ON SALE currently so I decided this is a great opportunity get one NOW. I am super excited!

This is a review on the GLAMpetite Makeup Box. The best clear acrylic makeup organizer I have ever owned. Seriously, it is so cute. It showcases my makeup beautifully. It fits perfectly on my bathroom counter top. I love looking at it every day.

The Specs

GLAMpetite Makeup Box, partial lid option.

Purchase Price: $139.99 on sale, regular price $199.00

Material: Acrylic

Dimensions:  13″L x 8”W x 10”H

  • Top lid: 2″ Height
  • 2nd drawer: 2″ Height
  • 3rd drawer: 2″Height
  • 4th drawer: 3″Height

The GLAMpetite comes in 2 options, full lid or partial lid. I opted for the partial lid option because the open section on the top level will best fit my needs. See below to understand the differences. So you can see the difference.

Full Lid 
Partial Lid

Click here to get your own GLAMbox!


Get The MOST Use Out of It

Before I dive in to how I used mine to organize my makeup, here are some other ideas of items you can put inside the box that will help add convenience to your daily routine. It can absolutely be used for more than just makeup!

Items other than makeup:

  • Hair accessories such as bobby pins, elastics, headbands, clips
  • Nail accessories such as nail polish, nail clippers, filling tools
  • Stationary items like pens and pencils, erasers, small notepads, post-it notes, stickers, paper clips
  • Art supplies such as markers, crayons, color pencils, paint brushes, paints

Side note. I am actually considering getting one for my kids to organize their art supplies at home. Instead of getting a solid color organizer box, the clear acrylic box will be so much easier to use and will help prevent messes since all the supplies can be viewed without opening any drawers. It will make the selection process much easier. Plus with the excellent material quality GLAMboxes provides, I am not concerned about the wear and tear kids tend to inflict on everything they use.

How to Organize the Makeup Box

Here is how I decided to organize my GLAMpetite makeup box.

The box contains 4 clear drawers. The top 3 drawers have an identical height of 2 inches tall.  The only distinction is that the top drawer opens on the top instead of being a pull-out drawer like the other two. The bottom drawer is larger than the other drawers, at 3 inches tall. I decided to start filling the box at the top drawer, displaying my most used, daily, products, and working my way down to the bottom drawer, last.

Top Level Drawer – Most used items:

  • 5 tubes of liquid lipsticks
  • 5 lip liner pencils
  • 1 Brow pencil
  • 3 tubes of mascara
  • 1 acrylic brush holder containing 6 brushes
  • 1 Bronzer compact
  • 1 Face powder compact

Second Drawer – Powder Palettes:

  • 1 Highlighter palette with 6 shades
  • 3 eye shadow palettes about 12 shades each
  • 2  eye shadow palette of 9 shades each

Third Drawer – Tubular products:

  • 4 tubes of mascara
  • 4 tubes of lipgloss
  • 6 tubes of liquid lipstick
  • 7 short tubes of cream lipstick

Bottom Drawer (largest):

8 bronzer compacts

2 Blush compacts

6 cream eye shadow pots

Final Thoughts

I feel compelled to share this information with people, as it really helped me with my makeup organization project. This fabulous project is an ongoing work in progress. I will definitely share more details with you as I complete it.

A little bit about GLAMboxes…

This company was established in 2015, based on my internet research on this brand. They provide high quality acrylic storage boxes for makeup, cosmetics and jewelry. The quality of the product can be experienced through the smooth sliding drawers, crisp clear acrylic panels to look through and see all your lovely cosmetics. All of their makeup boxes come with a Brush Holder, Sliding Divider, and Crisscross Divider. The customer appreciation focus of the company is also a very valuable quality. Purchasing from a brand with high standards of customer service reflects their commitment to good values. This certainly makes me feel good about my purchases with the company.

Speaking of other purchases, GLAMboxes has a larger version of this one I just reviewed. It’s the GLAMluxe Makeup Box . I highly recommend checking it out if you have a lot of makeup you want to store in one place.

I am happy to offer my assistance to anyone in need of some advice for your organizing project. Please let me know if you have ANY questions, in the Comments below. There are no silly questions!

Quote for the Day:

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Vincent Van Gogh

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