The Perfect Makeup Organizer

VINTAGE Makeup Organizer – Holiday Obsession 2018

I LOVE this style. Spiffed out vanity.

Vintage isn’t only cool for typewriters and Polaroids, vintage makeup organizers are very much a THING. I Just saw these while I was looking for interesting organizer ideas. I just thought to myself, “MUST HAVE!”.

As I am especially drawn to fancy things. If you are also a fan of the fancier things in life, you will definitely want to check these out.

The Vintage makeup organizer : PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. The gold laced edges and pearl embellishments. The classic look of pearls and gold is truly timeless, and will always be in style. These stunning pieces will catch the attention of many.



Brush Holder – Filled with Pearls

Vintage Makeup Brush Holder

A luxurious, pearly brush-pen, exudes elegance.

This is a wonderful DIY brush organizer idea. Read more about DIY organizer ideas.

This brush holder is a great example of the vintage style. It holds about 10-15 eye and lip brushes, or up to 10 face brushes. Check the price.

Keeping your brushes organized by their primary purpose helps a great deal when the time comes to use them.

Sleek & Simplistic – Modern Vintage

A multi-compartment, chic, sophisticated vintage cosmetic organizer for those of you who prefer a more understated look. It is both modern and classic to fit anywhere you need.

Rose Gold Makeup Box
Rose Gold Makeup Box

This will hold all the essentials (depending on what you consider essentials). Perhaps a few lipsticks, lip and eye liners, blush, bronzer, mascara. You know, the basics.

Rotating Carousel – Organization

The carousel is great for quick and easy, gorgeous cosmetic organization. The rotating feature is always a plus.

It offers ample storage space for multiple size containers. Yes, those bulky space hogging compacts can now enjoy some “leg-room”. 

I am digging this one right here made by Sorbus. Gorgeous rhinestones twinkle like stars.

Ah, so dreamy. 

Jeweled Vintage Drawers – LaLaLa Lavish

This class of makeup organizers ideally fits:

long tubular shaped products like lip liner pencils, eyeliner, mascara, etc; or pressed powders like blush and bronzer which come in wide, flat based packaging. Optimal storage technique: stacking.

The lace metal lined edges capture the essence of the vintage look. Classic and beautiful, I feel like Marylin Monroe. 

Where To Find Your Own

The best place to find many options in one place is online on Amazon or Etsy. If you are going to be out and about, treasure hunting at garage sales and antique boutiques is a great way to find some unique items. Anytime I see something fancy, I think about possibilities for where or what I can use it for. There is always a good reason to add something pretty to our collection. Wherever your adventure takes you, it will be great. With mystery comes wonder.

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